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Louise Levy, M.S. CCC-A

Louise Levy, M.S. CCC-A

Within the adult practice, Louise carefully identifies each patient’s difficult listening situation. Extensive counseling and strategies are provided to enhance listening. When indicated, discussion about hearing aids and meticulous programming of the device(s) is also provided.

Within the pediatric sphere, Louise is one of the most highly regarded Audiologists in the Tri-State area. She works with newborn babies up to young adults. She treats in a holistic fashion and counsels in a similar manner. She has access to outstanding professionals in many areas of pediatrics in the New York area and refers to these professionals when indicated.

Louise is licensed by New York State and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and The American Academy of Audiology.



Louise Levy M.S. CCC-A received her undergraduate degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology from Boston University and her Master's degree in Audiology from Teachers College, Columbia University. She was the Audiology Director of a major New York hospital for 13 years where she provided extensive diagnostic testing for adults and children. Treatment modes at the hospital included hearing aid technology, assistive listening devices and recommendations to other professionals for therapeutic interventions.

After leaving the hospital, Louise continued her practice in audiology, and was a partner in a therapeutic listening program for children with special needs. This population included children with autism, sensory integration dysfunction, auditory processing deficit, craniofacial abnormalities, and global developmental delays. While working with these children and their families, she developed an expertise in auditory processing.


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