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FM Systems

When children are in a noisy environment or when a large distance exists between speaker and listener, it is very difficult for children with hearing loss or Central Auditory Processing Disorder to focus on the primary auditory signal. An FM system can be used in the above situations. An FM system significantly improves the signal to noise ratio in the listening environment — including classrooms, day care, home, or in any outdoor settings, like playgrounds.

An FM system is comprised of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter (microphone) is worn around the neck of the teacher or parent (speaker.) The receiver (a tiny device) is attached to the child's hearing aid. This type of system is used for hearing-impaired children.

If a child has learning disabilities, attention or auditory processing deficits, a slightly different FM system is recommended. The transmitter is similar, but the receiver is different.

A Soundfield FM system can be used in a group/classroom situation. A Soundfield FM system includes a transmitter (microphone) and speakers that are freestanding or attached into the wall of the classroom.

We will help you choose the right type of FM system, based on your child's hearing, attention, learning and life style.

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