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Hearing Aids Supplies

Dear Patients

As we continue through the weeks, we want to ensure that you have adequate supplies. Therefore, we are providing you with information and links for batteries, wax guards, domes and other valuable references.

1. Batteries
We strongly recommend Power One batteries.  These can be purchased thru  Tel. (866) 999-2355 and Amazon.  Please note that Amazon may be delayed in shipping.  In a pinch, if you cannot purchase Power One, you can use other companies purchased from the drugstore; however, the quality of sound may not be as good.  Please try to think ahead so that you are well supplied.
2. Domes
Some of you have hearing aids that have plastic domes.  Please be sure you have back up domes.  If you don’t, you can purchase them online.   You need to know the size; if you don’t know your size, please call our office and we will tell you the size.
3. Wax guards
We work with several hearing aid companies so the wax guard will vary depending on which company hearing aid that you are wearing.  You can
purchase wax guards on line; however, you need to know which company. Please look at your contracts or call the office.

We can also ask the companies to ship directly to you but it will likely take longer.

4. Remote help
Many of you are working remotely from home. If you are experiencing difficulties, we strongly recommend that you contact Candoo technology
We have worked with them and they are excellent.  They will work remotely with you.  There will be a small charge but they are extremely knowledgeable and worth every penny!!!

We hope that the above information is helpful.  All of the information is also on our website

Please stay healthy and safe!