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COVID-19 Update

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Recommendation for your Hearing Aids

Dear Patients,

As we move through the next weeks, we will do our best to stay in touch with you with important recommendations and information about your hearing aids. We want to keep you hearing and therefore connected to family and friends.

• A gentle reminder that if you own a back up hearing aid/s, please make sure it/ they are working in case you need them. Now is the time!!!!

• Please clean/ brush your hearing aids every MORNING before you put the aid/s on. Everyone promises us that they do, but we know some of you may forget. Please be gentle.

• With this virus, we are all more diligent about cleanliness. Please DO NOT use any liquids (water, alcohol) on your hearing aid/s. Use a clean cloth to clean the actual aid.

• If your aid/ s sounds dull, the dome or wax guard may be clogged. Please remove each and clean. Re- insert a fresh dome or wax guard. We have attached a link to videos on our website with the above information.

Our phones are open and we are very available to you via phone or remotely.

Please stay safe.....